Afreaking love Africa

Afreaking love Africa, I freaking love Africa, GET IT?!

On March 31, 2017 at 3:00am I left my cozy apartment  in the outskirts of Paris and began my journey to Mityana, Uganda. The whole trip there including took me about about 20 hours, which wasn’t TERRIBLE. It wasn’t great but it certainly could have been worse.

In Uganda I had the most incredible experience. It was so amazing getting to spend time with my Ugandan friends and it was just as great getting to meet so many new friends. My trip consisted of building relationships with people, reading the Bible with a new believer, handing out 100s of sweets to young children, visiting people in the hospital, dancing with the cutest kids ever, falling in love with every baby I laid eyes on, blessing people with the money that people so graciously donated to me, visiting a church, and just doing everything I could to bless the people of Uganda while in turn being blessed 1000x over. My trip forced me out of my comfort zone on so many occasions and for that I am so grateful.

The couple that I stayed with have an AMAZING organisation, “Helping Cope Through Hope”. The work that they do, in not only Uganda, but also Peru and Zambia is incredible. It truly leaves me speechless. If you would like to learn more about their mission please click here.

Here are just a few of my favourite photos from this (almost three week) adventure.


london calling

One of the many things I love about living in the *GPA is the fact that there are so many school vacations! These vacations area  great opportunity for my favourite thing, travelling. This year the February scholar vacation was from February 4th until February 19th. I had originally planned on going from London from the 4th to the 10th but then my mom decided she was going to join me and take me on a little journey hopping around Europe. This blog post is just going to be about London but, stay tuned for posts about Stockholm and Tallinn.

I took the train from Paris to London on Saturday, February 4th. The train ride was longer than I expected just because I forgot there was a one hour time difference between Paris and London. It was still only about 3 hours, which is really not long at all.

On the Sunday I explored all of the touristy things. I had a great morning walking around Buckingham, Big Ben, and the London Eye. For lunch I ate at the SouthBank food market which is tucked in near the London Eye. There were so many amazing looking options all at a reasonable price.

Out of all the places I went to in London by favourite was most definitely Camden Market. It was this really cool area with a lot of street art, unique stores, and of course the food market. I was so surprised at how in love with this area I was. Here are just a few snaps. Also this Mac & Cheese was amazing. The place was called The Mac Factory and it was PHENOMENAL. 10/10 would recommend. I also explored Soho on this day and it was perfection. Camden and Soho were just so amazing. They made for the most incredible day.

On Tuesday I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and also to the Science Museum (which was right across the street). These museums both had free admission, which was a definite bonus. I would definitely recommend the Science museum over the V&A! After exploring those museums I started to meander down to the Apollo Victoria Museum to see “Wicked”. It was honestly the most amazing show I have ever seen. The vocals blew me away. I’m so happy I decided to go and see it! On the way to the theatre I stumbled across the (semi)famous Harrods. It was truly spectacular to look at, the window displays were all beyond stunning.

On Wednesday I had a short day. I walked around London Bridge and Tower Bridge. I ate at the Borough Market which was not disappointing. I sat in a Starbucks and read for an hour or so and then I headed home.

My mom arrived on Thursday early afternoon! After she got settled at the place we were staying we ventured out! I was happy to see my mom, but I was also happy to finally get some photos of me… Thursday and Friday we spent exploring the city and hanging out with our family friends. It was such an amazing time and London now officially has a piece of my heart.

On Saturday morning we left for our next adventure, Stockholm, Sweden.

*Greater Paris Area

** Definitely not a thing but if it works for Greater Toronto Area, why not with Paris?

*** This neon sign is the actual definition of me..

home for the holidays

On December 19, 2016 I made the long(ish) journey from Paris, France to Montreal, Canada. I was picked up in Montreal by my parents and together we drove 5 hours until I was finally home. At home I was greeted by my two lovely sisters Brianna, who is two years older than I am and Tori, who is two years younger than me. We see each other as not only sisters but also best friends (at least that’s how I see it and they better feel the same way).

At home I was extremely busy, I think I spent three days out of the ten? days actually at home. Despite my extreme exhaustion, it was still an amazing time. I was able to get together with all of my family and a lot of my closest friends.

A few highlights were seeing my childhood best friend Ashley on Christmas night, going on a breakfast date with my soul sister Abby, spending time with Patrick, spending boxing day with my best friend and her family (Bassingthwaite’s), hanging out with Lauren and her brother (I guess), running into my family’s closest friends, the Londons, my single hour spent with Gabi, and seeing my dad’s side of the family which I normally see only once or twice a year. I also enjoyed every second spent with my aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, parents, and sisters. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really realise how much I missed my parents until I saw them again.

(Some of my friends from high school also planned a little surprise get together for me that I actually wasn’t able to attend, but I was still touched).

I can’t put into words how much all my friends and family mean to me. I am so loved and supported and it truly means the world to me. I absolutely love the Christmas season and I felt so blessed to have been able to come home for the holidays. After four months of being away  it was great to be able to spend time with all of my favourite people.


p.s I am writing this in my brand new studio. I would love to do a little “apartment tour” if anybody is interested. Just let me know.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and I would love to hear your stories.