family heritage

The final leg of my mother and my voyage was to Tallinn, Estonia. This is a place that is very dear to our hearts seeing as her father, my grandfather, is Estonian. I actually had the opportunity to visit his homeland with him a few years ago. It was an experience that I hold dear to my heart and am extremely grateful for. Unfortunately my mom never had the chance. Writing this is extremely difficult for me because, it was just two years and three days ago that my Papa left this world. Spending time with my mom in such  beautiful and significant country was the highlight of my trip. I could go on forever, which would bore you all to tears so instead I will simply share a few of my favourite photos.




** I suppose it wasn’t really the final leg seeing as we did explore Paris together before she left. Howeverrrr I now consider Paris to be home so it was the end of my voyage.


happiest place on earth (x2)

This past weekend was definitely one of my favourite ones thus far. It was extremely busy yet SO much fun. On Friday night I did absolutely nothing, which was great. My friend Alice introduced me into this Netflix original show called “Outlander” and I’m addicted. It’s the COMPLETE opposite of what I would normally watch but,  I’m loving it. Basically what I’m getting at is that I watched it all Friday night.

I woke up at 5:30 on Saturday ew in order to catch all of the necessary buses and trains that would ultimately take me to Disney. Yay. I absolutely loveeee Disney and since I live in Canada I unfortunately have only been a few times. This was however my very first (and definitely not last) time at Disney, Paris. The reason I wanted to go so badly was because it is approaching Halloween and I absolutely love love lovee Halloween decorations. The first things my friends and I did was buy some super cute Mini Mouse ears, obviously a necessity.

Unfortunately the day was a little bit chilly but that was a perfect excuse to pick up some hot chocolate. The hot chocolate cost an arm and a leg but you only live once? I guess? It was so good. We ate lunch at Disney as well and it was by far the GROSSEST thing I have ever attempted to eat. Think of airplane food but like way worse (I didn’t even know that was possible). I mean I was quite hungry and that little bite took me 15 minutes to eat (and it’s all I could eat). Plus, the service was terrible.. like atrocious. Yes, I am over dramatic but STILL. So, if you ever find yourself at Disney, Paris avoid “Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant” at ALL COSTS.

Okay, just a few more Disney photos and then I’ll move on to Sunday.


Okay, so onto Sunday. I basically slept the morning away because a full day at Disney left me beyond exhausted. I was really excited though when my host mom invited me to the Foundation Luis Vuitton. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s an art museum and cultural centre which opened in 2006. The building itself is a beautiful work of art. There is a new exhibit entitled “Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection”which is only running from October 22, 2016 to February 22, 2017. This collection pays tribute to Sergi Shchukin, a Russian collector of French modern art. The exhibit consists of 130 masterpieces from Shchukin’s collection. I personally know almost nothing about art but I was still in awe of all of the beautiful pieces I was able to see. I would definitely recommend checking this exhibit out if you have the opportunity. The only thing I recommend is buying the tickets online because if not you may be stuck in the line for a few hours! (Also if you like Picasso’s this is the exhibit for you, there were so many)



So that was my exciting weekend. I am absolutely loving Paris and everything it has to offer.

weekend adventure

This weekend was pretty sweet. It started off a little bit slow but ended really well. As an au pair I normally get the entire weekend off to do whatever I want. Sometimes the family has plans and I am invited to either join them or stay home. I rarely have to work however, this Saturday I was asked if I could help “my” 13 year old boy and his two friends with their English project. They had to design a detailed week at camp which was perfect for me because I have lots of experience in this field. I helped them for a couple of hours in the morning and my afternoon was spent watching lots of Modern Family (like A LOT of Modern Family)… That night my two friends and I met up in Versailles where we sat on a park bench for a while just talking and having fun. After we were done it was around 1am and I needed to catch a bus home. The bus ride home was quite interesting as I was the only person on the bus and my young diver seemed rather “interested” in me. He was asking me questions like, “why isn’t your boyfriend with you *wink wink”, “how old are you”, “what’s your phone number”, and my personal favourite question, “do you like Vodka”. Needless to say I got off a stop early to avoid more questioning.

Sunday I went to Paris with a large group of people who are studying at the same school as I am. We went for a boat tour on the Seine River which was so beautiful. Thankfully the rain held off until we were finished. After we all went for a picnic unfortunately a group of us forgot lunches so we went to search for a bakery. We wandered around aimlessly for a while until we found one that we all agreed upon. After we went back to where the class was and hung out there for a while. Once the official trip was over most of us didn’t want to return to Versailles so we decided to stay in Paris. We walked around, found an extremely cool art museum, lost a group member, went shopping, found said group member, and took lots of pictures. By the end of the day we were all pretty tired and ready to head home. We returned to Versailles by train and we went our separate ways. A group of four of us decided to head over to my friend Lynn’s little apartment. There we ate cheesy pasta and ice-cream, watched more Modern Family, ad talked. We talked about life back home, our au pair families, and how we were adapting. I find it’s really cool how four of us all from different countries and backgrounds all ended up in the same place and in similar positions. I got home just after 10 and went straight to bed.

That was it for this weekend!! I’m having an amazing time in France. I love all of the people I am meeting, paces I am visiting, and food I am eating.

Here are a few pictures from my Sunday adventure.