all about ME (as per usual)

I know that most of my readers are friends and family and therefore know me pretty well! However there are some pretty random facts about me that may not be known by many of you. So here I go..

  1. My middle name is Joanne, which is the name of my aunt. It is also the female form of the name Joseph, which my family has about 100 of.
  2. My favourite food is tacos. I am a firm believer that no taco is complete without tomatoes and sour cream
  3. The thought of having children makes me sick *gag. No offence.
  4. I have been to 16 countries and I plan on visiting 20 by the time I turn 20.
  5. In September I will be going to school to become an accountant.
  6. Math was my worst subject in high school, so we’ll see how it goes.
  7. I constantly tell stories about my sisters but I always forgot to mention which sister I’m talking about.
  8. My family calls me Princess Julia. You can’t make this stuff up.
  9. I can drive manual but it stresses me out BIG TIME. Automatic will always be my favourite.
  10. I keep a journal and I try to write in it every night. I started journalling because I wanted to buy Kate Spade journals.. lame, but true.
  11. I hate cleaning but I loveeeeeeee organising.
  12. Two of my biggest hobbies are online shopping and makeup. They often go hand in hand.
  13. When I was in Uganda, the most recent time, I read one novel a day for five days. I could read a good book allllll day.
  14. I love the guitar but cannot play it, not even remotely.
  15. I can play the piano though!! (kinda)
  16. I have a coin collection, which I completely forgot about until this very instant.
  17. Peanut butter is my definition of paradise.
  18. I have ridiculously expensive taste for a current poor au pair and a soon to be poor college student.
  19. My list of countries I want to visit is just as long as my list of countries that I have already visited. I’m just getting started, people!!
  20. My entire extended-immediate family is a whopping 12 people.
  21. My favourite stores are thrift stores.
  22. My ideal guy is tall and has a nice smile, everybody who knows me knows this.
  23. Dog over cats EVERYDAY of the week.
  24. I once made my friend Patrick drive 3 hours to go get ice cream with me.
  25. Buying gifts for people is one of my favourite things in the world.


That’s it folks. 25 random facts that you may or may not have already known about me. You’re welcome.