family heritage

The final leg of my mother and my voyage was to Tallinn, Estonia. This is a place that is very dear to our hearts seeing as her father, my grandfather, is Estonian. I actually had the opportunity to visit his homeland with him a few years ago. It was an experience that I hold dear to my heart and am extremely grateful for. Unfortunately my mom never had the chance. Writing this is extremely difficult for me because, it was just two years and three days ago that my Papa left this world. Spending time with my mom in such  beautiful and significant country was the highlight of my trip. I could go on forever, which would bore you all to tears so instead I will simply share a few of my favourite photos.




** I suppose it wasn’t really the final leg seeing as we did explore Paris together before she left. Howeverrrr I now consider Paris to be home so it was the end of my voyage.


Stockholm feels like home

As soon as my mother and I landed in Sweden I knew it was love. There is something unique about Stockholm, something that I can’t really put my finger on. We were in Stockholm from February 11th until February 14. In those few short days we were able to explore Stockholm and see lots of different things. My mom has a few friends in Stockholm so we were able to get a few (free) tours from locals.

One of my favourite activities that we did was visit the Vasa Museum. If you don’t know what Vasa is you should really check it out! It’s such an interesting event that occurred in Sweden and the museum was amazing!! If you ever find yourself in the area you should 100% check it out!! (also this restaurant Bun Meat Bun was so so so good)


We also checked out the ABBA museum, which was surprisingly interesting. I honestly had know idea who ABBA was until we were on the way to the museum. After my mom sang the Mamma Mia songs I knew at least a few of their songs. In Stockholm I noticed that there are a lot of really cool bars and cafes that have an underground area. My mom and I had some coffee and sweets in this cave cafe and it was definitely the highlight of my day!

In Stockholm I had the opportunity to meet some of my cousins (that I didn’t even really know I had). It was such an amazing experience and I’m so happy to have met these fantastic people. Stockholm was such a beautiful place. I hope that next time I’ll be able to spend more than a few days exploring the city.


It’s a dreary day here in Paris, so reminiscing while listening to Ed Sheehan’s new album is the perfect way to spend the day.