how to avoid making decisions 101

How has it already been 5 months? It seems like I was boarding a plane to Paris just yesterday. I am so sad that my time here is flying by. I’m sad because I truly have fallen in love with France, the language, culture, food, people, and everything else it has to offer. My life in the outskirts of Paris feels right, I feel at home. As my time here is almost 50% done I am starting to think about next year and what the HECK I am going to do with my life.

I have quite a few options.The two main options are go home and attend post secondary school or stay in France for another year. However, these two options melt into even more options. I have been accepted to almost all of the schools I applied to, I am just waiting to hear back from one university. So which school, which program, which city are all questions I need to process. As for staying in France I could renew my contract with my current family or I could accept a job that was offered to me by another family. As I think about next year and all the important life decisions I have to make I find myself becoming completely overwhelmed. I know that eventually I will have to make a few decisions but as for now I am avoiding them at all costs. From personal experience here are the most affective ways to do just that.

  1. watch Gossip Girl
  2. write a random blog post about something that is not that interesting (or useful)
  3. spend hours colouring in an adult colouring book
  4. bake chocolate cupcakes
  5. eat mentioned chocolate cupcakes.
  6. look up all of the French “gros mots” aka swear words
  7. plan elaborate vacations that you will never be able to go on because one week costs half of your annual salary
  8. plan your sister’s wedding, even though it isn’t for another year and a half
  9. FaceTime your sister just to talk to your dog
  10. watch more Gossip Girl
  11. look at funny memes and tag your friends in them

*all scientifically proven to help in avoiding decision making.


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