life update

I know I haven’t blogged in while (16 days to be exact), but I haven’t really had anything “blog worth” happen. So I decided just to give you all, or at least those of you who care, a quick update on how January has been thus far.

Although nothing too remarkable has happened it has still be an amazing start to the year.  I just recently applied to universities and colleges for this upcoming September. I applied for 8 different programs at 6 different schools (all in Ontario). All the programs I applied to are in the business/accounting field. I thought that taking this year off would really solitify my plans for next year, however I am still unsure if I really want to be an accountant. I guess only time will tell.

In January I also started tutoring English. I tutor two young boys for 1.5h a week. It pays really well and is not too far from home, so basically the perfect gig. It is very easy (considering the children are already bilingual) and it forces me to not waste my Saturday mornings in bed. ALSO, I don’t know very many au pairs who wouldn’t like making an extra 100 Euro a month. In the first week of January I decided to book a trip to London, England. In February there is a two week scholar vacation, in which I am not needed to work. I will be taking the train to London and spending one week there, with family friends. I have not quite decided what I will be doing for the second week. Any ideas?

On Friday the 13th my best friend/sister got engaged to the love of her life. I was out with friends when I got a FaceTime call at 3:30 in the morning telling me the good news. I was the VERY FIRST person they called, so I’m kinda a big deal.

The most recent thing to happen is my Auntie Jo arriving in Paris. She arrived yesterday and will be staying until Sunday. Paris is her favourite city in the world and I cannot wait to explore it with her.

As for the whole “au pair thing”, work is going really well. I feel like I have 100% gotten the hang of it. A fun little story for you..Yesterday I asked Theo to put his dishes away after dinner and he said no. He then challenged me to a game of rock paper scissors, loser has to clean/clear the table for the rest of the week. I saw this as a win/win because normally I do it by myself I ended up beating him (obviously) and so now he has to do dishes for the rest of the week. #aupairwin.

**Most importantly this January I started watching Gossip Girl and have FALLEN in LOVE with it, it is amazing. That is all.

Here are just a few photos taken in the past few weeks.


Thank you for all of your constant love and support.



One thought on “life update

  1. Au pair win is right! I only wish I would have thought of that when you were younger!!
    Don’t worry about not knowing for sure what you want to do when you grow up. I don’t know yet either!! 🙂 You are very smart and as you become more aware of what jobs are out there, things will come into focus!
    I love you and I am super proud of you!!


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