home for the holidays

On December 19, 2016 I made the long(ish) journey from Paris, France to Montreal, Canada. I was picked up in Montreal by my parents and together we drove 5 hours until I was finally home. At home I was greeted by my two lovely sisters Brianna, who is two years older than I am and Tori, who is two years younger than me. We see each other as not only sisters but also best friends (at least that’s how I see it and they better feel the same way).

At home I was extremely busy, I think I spent three days out of the ten? days actually at home. Despite my extreme exhaustion, it was still an amazing time. I was able to get together with all of my family and a lot of my closest friends.

A few highlights were seeing my childhood best friend Ashley on Christmas night, going on a breakfast date with my soul sister Abby, spending time with Patrick, spending boxing day with my best friend and her family (Bassingthwaite’s), hanging out with Lauren and her brother (I guess), running into my family’s closest friends, the Londons, my single hour spent with Gabi, and seeing my dad’s side of the family which I normally see only once or twice a year. I also enjoyed every second spent with my aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, parents, and sisters. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really realise how much I missed my parents until I saw them again.

(Some of my friends from high school also planned a little surprise get together for me that I actually wasn’t able to attend, but I was still touched).

I can’t put into words how much all my friends and family mean to me. I am so loved and supported and it truly means the world to me. I absolutely love the Christmas season and I felt so blessed to have been able to come home for the holidays. After four months of being away  it was great to be able to spend time with all of my favourite people.


p.s I am writing this in my brand new studio. I would love to do a little “apartment tour” if anybody is interested. Just let me know.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and I would love to hear your stories.


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