best friends (foreva)

I have been immensely blessed with my friendship with Jasmine. She is kind, generous, forgiving, loving, and so much more. On December 12th I had the pleasure of picking her and her mother up from the CDG airport (in Paris). They stayed at a nice little airbnb in a quaint town fairly close to where I live. I was a little nervous seeing as it was my first time acting as a “tour guide”. I showed them around most of the touristy areas that Paris is known for (Notre Dame, Marché de Noël des Champs-Elysées, Tour Eiffel, Musée de Louvre, and obviously Disney). We were able to get rose shaped gelato, eat delicious crepes, and eat some fresh churros. Considering I normally follow my friends around Paris and am never in charge of navigating, I think I did a pretty great job.

Having my best friend in Paris was  absolutely amazing and it was an experience of a lifetime. Here are just a few snapchats from the amazing week we had together.


One thought on “best friends (foreva)

  1. You are a blessed girl to have such a wonderful friend! Her mother is a true blessing too! I am very glad that you were able to share this experience with them and I am super glad that you don’t get them too lost too many times!!


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