happy, happy, happy

My dad, being the weirdo that he is, enjoys watching the show “Duck Dynasty”. One of the characters in this show has a catch phrase, which is, “happy, happy, happy”. That is exactly how I have been feeling since moving to France.  Happy. It honestly feels like I have been living a dream. My friends are all amazing, Paris is beautiful, my family is fantastic, and I truly have never been happier.

Today was one for the books. It started off with a group of au pairs meeting up at Angelina for “lunch”. Angelina’s is an extremely popular (and expensive) restaurant known for their chocolat chaud. I honestly cannot begin to describe to you how RICH and thick this hot chocolate is. It is truly impossible to explain. That being said, if you ever find yourself in Paris it is definitely something you should check out. Just beware that there most likely will be a queue.

After that I headed over to the Aquarium of Paris in order to take “my kids” on a little adventure. Today, being November 11th, is a bank holiday for France. On bank holidays almost all of the stores are open but all large offices are closed. This means that my host parents had the day off. I offered to do something with the kids in order for them to be able to run some errands. The Aquarium was surprisingly small but it was fun none the less. Although, I am fairly confident that I had a better time than the kids.

After we were done with the aquarium we ate crepes while sitting in front of the Eiffel Tour. It was amazing, it felt like the epitome of everything Parisian. After that I bought some flowers for my host mom and the kids and I headed home. It was a great day, and an awesome start to my long weekend.


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