adulting? kind of? help?

Not going to lie, in the two months and five days that I have been in France as an au pair a lot has changed. I have had to grow up and become “an adult” (wipes away tears). BUT ACTUALLY.

The most obvious way I have grown up is the fact that I am responsible for people other than myself. I have to take care of two other people, TWO. I make sure they get home from school, do all of their homework, eat, shower, don’t kill each other, brush their teeth get to all of their 30,000 activities on time, make sure they get to bed on time, and MAKE SURE THEY DON’T KILL EACH OTHER. To be perfectly honest with you I never do all of my homework, I often forget to eat, and I am always late for everything the list of my downfalls goes on and yet here I am making sure everybody else’s life stays put together.

I am going to try to explain these next two without sounding too much like a princess, bare with me here. Basically what I want to explain is the fact that I was fortunate enough to pay for very little of my costs. My phone bill, car, gas, car insurance, and other random expenses were paid for by my parents (which I am so grateful for). I always had an allowance and although I worked and saved money I didn’t really have to think or worry about it that often. Moving to France has changed that. I am trying to do this as independently as possible which to me means without relying on my parents finances. I know, I know, “welcome to the real world”. I have it great here as I don’t have any real “bills” to pay other than my phone bill. However when it comes to random things such as; personal hygiene products, museum tickets, clothing, vacation costs, and school supplies I have to pay for them. I am now paying for things that I never would have had to pay for before. It really pains me every time I have to fork out €50+ for an “unexpected” cost. Although I must admit this experience is making me understand the importance of tracking finances and budgeting.

The second “princessy” thing has to do with my car…Let me start this off by reminding you that I live in Canada (which as you probably all know gets HELLA cold in the winter). In saying that, it is necessary for you to “preheat?” your car and remove the snow from your windshield and windows. Sometimes you even have to dig your car out of the snow!! The point of this is that this week it got pretty chilly here in France so I had to de-ice my car.. WHICH despite the fact that I live in Canada I am not used to doing. My dad is an absolute sweetheart and so often times when I got in my car in the morning my dad had already gotten in all prepared for me (thanks dad). I miss that. Waking up early to turn your car on and de-ice your windshield is practically the epitome of “adulting”.

Just incase you are wondering this what my car after a fairly light Canadian snowfall…. img_6931

On a kinda similar note THE FREAKING DISHWASHER. In Canada I *almost* always put my dishes in the dishwasher but I probably only emptied the dishwasher once a week (if that). Here in France, I empty it every. single. day. I feel like I just assumed the dishwasher was only run once a week?? Now I know that it ran 24/7 my mom just emptied it every day. lol, thanks mom. All that to say, I went from someone who was fairly tidy but not great to someone who not only has to PERFECTLY clean up after myself but also after two  (sometimes 3) other people!

It’s currently 11:30 pm and I can’t think of anything else to write even though I am sure there is more. So I will leave it at that. I haven’t fully decided if “adulting” is a good thing or a terrible thing. Let me know what you think!



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