things I miss

Living abroad has been amazing thus far. I have great friends, a great host family, and I’m living in a beautiful country. In saying that there are little things that I often find myself missing. Here’s a list, just incase you’re wondering. After the first one they aren’t in any particular order!

  1. my family my mom would kill me if this wasn’t at the top of my list. I do miss my family but I have yet to become homesick. So I miss them, just not like THAT MUCH.
  2. books. I stupidly didn’t bring any (because they are so dang heavy). This one’s an easy fix though.
  3. music. I am by no means “musically gifted” but I really miss playing the piano and singing (especially with my sisters).
  4. Shoppers drugmart/ Walmart. I need huge stores that carry literally everything. I have yet to find one of those. Apparently there is one close to my house so I’ll have to check it out.
  5. Jasmine (and her mom)(and the rest of the family I guess)
  6. McDonalds. It’s not that there isn’t Mcdonalds in France it’s just that it’s absolutely TERRIBLE.
  7. Glory. I miss my little puppy who is apparently HUGE. LIKE LOOK AT THAT FACE.IMG_5798.JPG
  8. working out. I miss going to the gym, especially since I always went with my family.
  9. cuddling. I miss forcing my sisters and best to cuddle with me. (I know they secretly didn’t hate it).
  10. mirrors. There is not a full length mirror in my house. I have seen my full reflection a handful of times in 2 months. (sorry to my friends)
  11. TACOS. They are my absolute favourite food and I have yet to have one. If anybody knows of any good tacos in Paris PLEASE let me know!!
  12. the office. My Netflix switched to the France one and now I no longer have the office. It’s devastating.
  13. sisters. They deserve their own point because I miss them the most.
  14. my own space. If anyone has ever lived with another family you understand this. It’s not that my family has excluded me or that I don’t feel comfortable it’s just not the same.
  15. ice-cream. In Canada I worked at a little store, Slickers (world’s greatest ice-cream store) and I really miss it. Ugh especially the campfire flavour.
  16. I miss my dad. I talk to my mom everyday over FaceTime or iMessage but my dad doesn’t have an iPhone or Facebook so I NEVER talk to him. lame, right?
  17. spare. I miss having spare and watching tv shows and movies with some friends.
  18. reese’s peanut butter cups
  19. my cars. Okay, so they were my parents cars that they so gracious let me use but still. I really miss how spacious they were and the fact that they all had aux chords 😦 \
  20. sushi. I know there has to be some good sushi restaurants around but I just haven’t been to one.(p.s anybody want to go with me?)
  21. church. I really miss going to church which is weird because I never really LOVED going.I feel like it’s one of those “you never really know what you have until it’s gone.” type situations. This one’s an easy fix though!
  22. understanding people’s conversations. Obviously after two months I am not fluent YET so there is still a language barrier. It’s definitely smaller but it’s still there.
  23. fall. Canadian fall is the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s not that it isn’t pretty in Paris but it’s not the same.
  24. mom. Need I say more? 

If any of you have ever lived abroad what were some of the things you missed? ALSO stay tuned for a second part about things I DON’T miss.


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