The title is a little misleading as I am still woking and I don’t leave for my vacation until Monday the 24th BUT I finished school today and I’m clearly pretty happy about it. I’m sorry for not writing recently but I haven’t really had much to talk about it. I guess that’s important to write about as well, I wouldn’t want you guys to think it’s all fun and games over here 😉

In saying that, my weekend was basically all fun and games, so I’ll tell you about that. Obviously there are like 7 billion of museums and monuments in France and since I’m here I want to see them all. One of the most famous French museum is le Louvre (duh). SO I decided to organise a trip with three other au pairs for this past Saturday morning. Unfortunately I was over an hour late for my event and Lynn ended up being over four hours late typical (Lynn has a blog as well which I highly recommend checking out. You can find it here). It all worked out though as my Jenny patiently waited for Ana and I (Jenny you’re a Saint). When we FINALLY got to the Louvre we took some typical photos and walked around the museum for three(ish) hours. I didn’t realise how massive le Louvre is until I spent three hours walking around only a small fraction of it.

After all the walking we headed over to Pizza Hut, a real Parisian delicacy, I know. After the late lunch came the real treat. Amorino gelato. Not only was it absolutely ADORABLE but it tasted divine. I highly recommend the lemon basil flavour.

Okay so after that we headed over to a bar for “Au Pair Speed Dating” which was just a large group of au pairs getting to know each other over a few drinks. Unfortunately the bar was closed so we ended up going to Monoprix (think Walmart but 1/100 the size) where everybody basically bought wine and junk food. After all the necessary supplies were purchased we walked over to la Seine. We sat there for a longg time, to be honest I don’t exactly know how long we were there but I know it was hours.


(Im close close to the water looking in the opposite direction of the camera)

It was a great opportunity to meet a lot of amazing girls who are in the same boat as I am. ALSO I met my first Canadian since being here which was sick. And that was my Saturday.

On Sunday I woke up nice and early (yay for 4 hours of sleep) to bake chocolate chip cookies and apple pie. Not going to lie the cookies were a bit weird but I’m going to blame that on the lack of “normal” ingredients and the weird measuring system. I went to my mom’s friend’s house for lunch. She has three boys who are a few years younger than me but are the absolute sweetest. I’m actually going to their grandparent’s house with them for my vacation. I’m assuming it will be quite interesting so I’ll be sure to keep you updated.


Anyways the rest of this week should be a lot more relaxing (fingers crossed) and I’m already looking forward to my weekend. Which I’m hoping will include a trip to Disney!!


4 thoughts on “VACATIONNNNN!!!

  1. Merci cherie!!
    It’s tres cool to think you are becoming friends with people I became friends with almost 30 years ago!! I met the Panhelleux family in 1988 and they have certainly been an important part of my and now your life!!!


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