how to not be Parisian

There are times when I feel like I fit in and then there are times when I stick out like a sore thumb. Here are the biggest fashion faux pas I have made and will continue to make in the months to come.

One of my favourite sweaters is a Micky Mouse crew neck that I stole from my grandma. SO that being said I wear this sweater quite often. It DEFINITELY does not fit in with France fashion (no matter how cute it is). So far the only two people who I have seen wearing Micky sweaters have been myself and my American friend, Lynn. In my personal opinion we look adorable BUT it is definitely NOT Parisian.


(This photo was taken in Canada a while ago it’s just happens to be the only picture I have of it and I wanted to show you a what I’m talking about) I suppose I occasionally miss these two. 

Another sweater that I frequently wear is my black Roots hoody with a beaver on the front. It is so comfortable and so warm, two things I really appreciate with this new fall weather. Anyways nobody here knows what Roots is so I am fairly confident that they think I am some crazy person wearing a beaver sweater from Walmart or something (but not actually because I don’t think they know what Walmart is either). Also do Parisians even know what beavers are? I’ll have to ask.

The next fashion faux pas I have made consists of me wearing socks and sandals. A few days ago I was exhausted and I had zero desire to make myself look presentable. So I threw on some leggings, a cute top, a baggy jean jacket, some Roots socks, and my Birkenstocks. I personally thought that this was fine but apparently it wasn’t. I got multiple looks and multiple comments (thanks Molly and Lynn for your honesty). Oh well, I guarantee I will wear my socks and sandals for months to come. I gotta represent Canada in some way or another.

I guarantee there will be more fashion faux pas to come. I can’t wait to keep you all informed.


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