France has changed me, here is how. 

In just a few days it will be one month of me being in France!! I was thinking today about how I have changed over this short period of time. I decided to make a list of six small ways I have changed since moving to France as an au pair! Here it goes..


I went from absolutely DESPISING coffee to drinking shots of straight espresso. In Canada even the scent of coffee made my stomach queasy! Not any more. I really love the social aspect of coffee and the fact that it can get me through a crazy busy day. The children drove me to drink 😉


P.S My very attractive waiter with a nice beard (see point five) hardcore judged me for taking this photo. #sorrynotsorry


Speaking of driving…In Canada my family has one manual car and two automatic cars. Before moving to France I would try every trick in the book to get out of having to drive my standard car (even ask my dad). In France the car that was bought for me is standard therefore I have basically become a manual master.


I miss North American commercials.WHAT?  When watching tv, commercials are the vain of my existence. I (along with every other sane person in the world) HATE commercials however, I would rather endure hours of American commercials than French commercials. Think of the worst commercial you have ever seen and I can almost guarantee that it is better than every French commercial I have seen.


I used to fear public transportation…now I live for it. Where I’m from in Canada I never took the bus and I think I only took the train once. It just wasn’t really something I did? I used to frown upon it thinking it was only for people who couldn’t afford cars (sad but true) but now I rely on it! I honestly don’t know what I would do without my bus (even though it never stops for me and is always way too early).


I used to not be a fan of facial hair on men.. I have now completely changed my mind. I have officially decided that French men have the best facial hair (AND I LOVE IT). Here is a photo of my face when I see cute French boys with nice facial hair.



I am a very social person and generally it isn’t very difficult for me to make friends. That being said I normally dislike change and sometimes struggle with accepting new people. Being here has changed the way I see meeting new people. It used to be something I despised doing and tried to avoid at all costs. Now it is something I absolutely love and it’s truly necessary to my sanity. I now jump at any opportunity to hang out with people and meet new people yay me.

I know this list is small but I’m confident that as time goes on I will change and develop as a person ever more.




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