If you are wondering why the title of this blog post is “9086543268079089054” it is because that number accurately represents the amount of calories I consumed today. Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration. I am not being dramatic even in the slightest.  If you know anything about me (or my family) you are probably aware that we are a fairly active family and that we also eat fairly well. Back in Canada I did crossfit many mornings a week and I was a member of not one, but TWO additional gyms. My mom hardly ever brought things with added sugar or salt into the house and that was that. Living in France? Yeah that is an entirely different story..

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to join a gym quite yet because I need a note from a French doctor? or something like that? I’m not really sure, I’m working on it though!! I think saying this might cause my mom to go into cardiac arrest but I really truly do miss working out. (I’m also missing my Crossfit Stratos family).  I honestly can’t wait to get back into it (hopefully sooner rather then later).

The hardest part is BY FAR the food. SO first of all there is so much junky snack foods in the cupboards and when I’m home alone they all taunt me. French people also find it necessary to eat dessert like 58 times a day. Which I mean part of me is all for and the other part, yeah, no so much. To make matters worse there is this AMAZING bakery that I walk by every. single. day. It really is a miracle that I don’t go there every day or even multiple times a day. Today I wasn’t feeling very well so when I walked by the bakery I decided that I without a doubt NEEDED to buy something. I ended up walking out with a croissant.. and a baguette which between you and me, I ate 90% of.. To be perfectly honest, the damage could have been much much worse.


*special shoutout to my baby sister, father, and puppy for making my day with their FaceTime call. Love you all.





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