It is only 9:00 am and I have already had quite the day.. If you have ever been into a French phramacy you know that they are NOTHING like North american pharmacies. There are no movies, no snacks, no makeup, no magazines, no lots tickets, and surprisingly you can’t even get feminine hygiene products at a PHARMACY?!?! It’s bizarre because you can’t help yourself to any medications, not even Tylenol. Everything is behind the counter and it has to be given to you. It is solely medication, body and face wash, and a few other random cremes and lotions. That being said the pharmacies are on the fancier side in comparison to what I’m used to.

SO back to this morning.. Ever since getting to France my skin has decided to go crazy and I was in dire need for a new face wash/ spot treatment. When I got to the Pharmacy the women I was talking to realised that I was having a tough time asking for what I needed in French so she called over her colleague who spoke both English and French. It ended up being this very helpful guy and we ended up talking for a few minutes. Unfortunately I am the worlds biggest klutz and as I was leaving the store my purse happened to knock over almost an entire shelf of product. I kid you not the entire store just watched me as I began cleaning and profusely apologising. Thankfully the guy who helped me was so nice and helped me clean the mess up (also thankfully nothing broke because the products were all super expensive and it would have been bad if I had to pay for everything that fell).

That is my embarrassing story of the day. I hope that your day starts off a little bit better than mine.



One thought on “whoops..

  1. Thanks for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly! So many people want to make life look so perfect and your willingness to share he stuff of life that is real is what sets you apart!!
    Hope your day got better!! If not, just keep being real because you are REALLY amazing!!


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