accidents happen

OK, so I know it’s been a while and I apologise for that!! It has been a crazy past few days here in France.

To be perfect honest I can’t even remember everything that has happened since I last wrote but I’ll tell you what I remember. It was my friends birthday on Thursday the 15th so I decided to make some peanut butter cookies to bring to the class. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a cookie sheet, so I decided to improvise. That may not have been the best idea because I ended up having a (small) problem. All of my cookies fell off my make shift cookie sheet and burned to a crisp at the bottom of the oven. So that kinda sucked…mostly because peanut butter costs as much as an arm and leg here and I only have one jar left!!!!!

My accident on Saturday was even worse than my cookie one, as I was actually in a minor car accident. Yes, I was driving and yes, it was my fault. Nobody was even remotely hurt and my car is perfectly fine, praise the Lord. When I got to France my host dad explained the rules of the road to me but,  apparently there was a little bit of miscommunication. What happened is I thought I had the right of way, which I did, but only for one lane so I began to turn. Unfortunately there was a car that I did not see and I ended up hitting it. I was very shaken up but am feeling much better now. The women whose vehicle I hit was extremely kind and gracious which I am very thankful for. Later that night I went out for coffee and watched a movie with a friend. It was a good end to a not so good day.

Saturday morning was spent running errands, going shopping, eating, and resting. I have come to the official conclusion that McDonalds in France cannot even begin to compare to North American McDonalds. It is really quite terrible in comparison. ALSO I have officially decided that Zara scarves are my new addiction. I literally want every single one. I ended up buying two, which was better than the 15 that I was contemplating. I bought a nice neutral one and a mustard yellow one (because every time I see that colour I think of my friend Lauren and it makes me super happy). On Saturday night I went out with a couple of friends. It was great (except for the fact that they were all German so randomly they would switch from the French/ English mix that we were speaking to German). I got home pretty late though which made waking up this morning brutal.

Today was pretty cool because I got to meet one of my mom’s dear friends and her family. They were so amazing and I’m really excited to get together with them more often throughout the year. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to share but I’ll make up for it soon!


3 thoughts on “accidents happen

  1. All I can say is that I am incredibly thankful that you and everyone else is alright! I can also say that watching you grow up from 7000 miles away is very cool! I am super proud of you and how you handled yourself in a difficult situation!!


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