the princess and her château

Today was great. I had an “early morning” because I took a trip to the Château de Versailles. I’m really happy that I had the chance to go with a couple of other au pairs. It was a little unorganised but, it workout in the end.We were able to tour around and take some great photos (if I do say so myself). Unfortunately I had to pay 25 € to get in where as if I was European it would have been free. The cost breakdown is as follows: 15€ for the entrance to the château and an extra 10€ access to the gardens) Apparently next time if I bring my Visa or even just a photo of it I can get in for free? I’ll try it next time and let ya know how it goes. The château is incredibly beautiful and I would 10/10 highly recommend hitting it up if (and when) you decide to visit me in Versailles. However … in saying that the gardens were an extra 10€ and unless you plan on staying all day it wasn’t really worth it. You are able to snap a couple of photos without going into the gardens so I would recommend taking that route.


Today was H-O-T and for some APPARENT reason AC is very scarce in France?!? So despite the fact that it is so beautiful here it kinda feels like you’re slowly burning in hell. Ya  I cannot wait for it to cool down and for it to finally be SWEATER WEATHER (insert comment about being a “typical white” girl here).

Unfortunately my girl is having a little bit of bullying problems which is making things difficult for me *disclaimer: she is the one being bullied*. It’s a tough situation to be in because I don’t really know what to do? Her mom is working at figuring it out which is good. I am really just hoping that the situation is over and done with soon. She is only 8 for crying out loud..

On a happier note I ate mint chocolate chip ice-cream today and I’m fairly confident that it is what dreams are made of Lizzie McGuire reference incase you live under a rock. 


If you want to keep seeing what is going on with my life (on other platforms) I am on both instagram and twitter. You can find me at @juliasitwell and I would love to connect with you there.


One thought on “the princess and her château

  1. You certainly look like a princess to moi!
    Perhaps sharing your experiences with being bullied will help! I know that your BIG heart full of love will make it better, but probably not easier! Let your beautiful little girl know that we are praying for her and that this momma bear has big pipes!! I am so user sick of bullies!! I wish I could say that adults are better, but in my experience they aren’t always!! I love you and I know that you will help her and her momma get through it!!
    I am very proud of you!!
    Love you and keep the words flowing!!


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