woe is me

Last night was a little tough for me. I don’t really know why but I started to miss my sisters. For those of you who know nothing about my family I have two sisters, one older, and one younger. We are all (about) two years apart and they are absolutely, hands down, without a doubt my very best friends. I tell them everything and trust them more than anyone else. Yesterday I decided torture myself by scrolling through Instagram pages, texts, and family photos. I was also listening to Hozier and James Bay (all the heart eyes) which did NOT help my “woe is me” attitude. Ugh it was sad. I was also really missing my honorary sister, Jasmine! My friend Patrick snapped me out of it by saying, “stop being sorry for yourself”(tough love, I guess??). Actually that being sad I kinda missed Patrick too. The way I totally got over being sad you may ask, online shopping.. It always makes me feel 100%.

Sorry mom and dad but I haven’t really been sad missing you guys, yet. I know the time will come.

I felt much better today and I’m really excited for tomorrow. A large group of au pairs are going to the Chateau of Versailles tomorrow which should be fun. I may finally be able to get some nice pictures!


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