but like, it’s Paris

This weekend has already been amazing. It started on Friday afternoon when I meet with a group of other file au pairs at a Starbucks close to our school. We talked and chatted for a bout an hour and made plans to visit the Chateau de Versailles on Tuesday morning. It’s kinda sweet because between the medium size group of us we there are only two pairs of people from the same country. We are from all over the world, we all speak different languages, and yet somehow we have all ended up in the same boat. It’s pretty darn cool, if you ask me in case you did not know, I am also pretty darn cool.

On Friday night after everything was settled at home my host family treated me to a night in Paris. The mother, daughter, and I took the train from Versailles to Paris where we attended an amazing Ballet. We watched “The Sleeping Beauty”, which was perfect because I am obsessed with everything Disney (mostly the princesses). It felt like a once in a life time opportunity. I mean how many of you have seen a ballet in Paris? I’m assuming not very many. *disclaimer: It is not my intention to sound as if I am bragging. I am just so happy and excited to be here*

Today I went shopping with two other au pairs which was quite fun. Oh I also ate a waffle for breakfast and a crepe for lunch.. lol whoops. I bought a pretty cute dress, pair of shoes, and top which I am excited about. Shopping just gets me feeling some type of way, ya know? Anywayyss.. After that I went to an “association” thing where every extra curricular activity from the community has a booth and people sign up for whatever they desire. Since I don’t have time for scheduled class time that I decided to get a gym membership. It’s much more flexible and therefore much more doable. I am not really sure what the plan is for tomorrow but, I am hoping it involves a lot of sleep.

Bonne nuit, mes amis

xoxo Julia


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