carbs and pumpkin spice lattes

Ah, today was a big day for me. As I was alone with the kids for the duration of the day (other than school hours of course). Even though I was a little tiny bit nervous I had an amazing day. My day started off with making breakfast, watching a new show on Netflix called, “Jane the Virgin”. I was a little apprehensive going into it but it had great recommendations so I started watching it. Let me just tell you, it is SO FUNNY. I 10 out 10 highly recommend. After that I went to take the bus to Versailles. I ended up having to wait an hour, because the first bus was 5 minutes early and the second bus decided not to stop for me (how rude). I was so NOT impressed but I ended up just sitting outside and people watching while listening to Noah Gunderson. Once I FINALLY got on the bus I headed into Versailles where I searched for a Starbucks. I found it fairly easily which was quite the pleasant surprise. I treated my self to a PSL because I was tired and I really wanted one. It was absolutely divine, not sure if it was worth the eight Euros though? LOL, over it. Clearly I don’t really care about the price because I planned a little get together at the same Starbucks for some au pairs before class tomorrow. It’s hard because for most of them English and French are their second and third languages which for obvious reasons makes communication a bit difficult. They all seem great though and I’m extremely excited to get to know them all a bit more.

I must be doing something right, in terms of Parisian style because I was asked for directions multiple times today (I obviously had no idea how to help them though) Whoops.  I’m pretty sure the fact that I had multiple baguettes hanging out of my bag was the reason people wrongly assumed I a)spoke French and b)could help them.  CAN I JUST SAY THAT HAVING BREAD IN MY PURSE WAS FOR SOME REASON THE BEST EXPERIENCE, LIKE EVER. Sorry, but it got me pumped up, I don’t know, maybe I like carbs a little too much?

It feels like I’m living a dream and I’m so excited for the adventures of this weekend.

(France = lit fam)



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